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Feeling Comfortable In Front of the Lens || Camera Shy?


Feeling Comfortable In Front of the Lens || Camera Shy?

When the camera comes out, so do the nerves. For some, getting in front of the camera can be slightly uncomfortable. At Pacific Dream Photography, our goal is to give you a stress free enjoyable experience. Remember, our aim is to capture effortless photos. Here are a few helpful thoughts to consider before your Hawaii Photo Session. Use these tips to dismiss nerves and gain an extra boost of confidence.

When you begin your lush Photo Session under the blue skies of the Pacific, it's natural to focus on posing. You may ask yourself, where do I stand, or where do I place my hands? To capture photographs that show off your personality, it's our job to help you relax your thoughts and loosen up. It's your job remember that your Pacific Dream Photographer is here for you. The camera is our tool to capture and create timeless keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

To create these special moments, we begin by taking you to a beautiful location. As you arrive at your first location, engage in your thoughts and surroundings. Simply, focus on the beauty around you. Most importantly focus on treasured loved ones. Just have fun with the flow of the session and everything will fall into place. Chances are, you may get to witness an Out of this World Hawaiian Sunset, while taking photos and creating memories.

The key to feeling comfortable in front of the lens is staying genuine to you. Choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Take a look at our Blog for Simple Outfit Suggestions. Don't worry too much about making mistakes. It's our job to provide you with a smooth experience. If we encounter a few silly moments, it's better to laugh them off and be present in the moment. It's those fun moments where we come across your bubbly personality and snap stunning photos. 

Have you ever heard the saying Practice makes Perfect? The commonly used quote is spot on. When choosing your Island Inspired Outfit, try different poses in front of the mirror. Decide which side works best and which poses work well for you. Having an idea of how you look can ease your mind and ultimately help you feel comfortable in front of the lens.

As Professional Photographers in Hawaii, we have a couple tricks up our sleeve to set the most flattering camera angles. One simple tip is to turn your face slightly to the side. This will create natural highlights and give your face a slimmer appearance. Always remember to smile! A smile doesn't just affect your emotions, it affects your entire look overall. Allow yourself the freedom to laugh and share your beautiful smile. Even if you’re still feeling a bit nervous, a smile will give you that extra boost of confidence. 

Present your photographer with some of your ideas, such as poses or locations. At Pacific Dream Photography, we are always open to new thoughts and ideas. 

We hope this helped you relax and mentally prepare for your Tropical Hawaiian Photo Session. Not only do we hope your mind is at ease, but we look forward to capturing your confident smile in each and every photo. From all of us at Pacific Dream Photography, Hauʻoli kēia hui ʻana o kāua! Pleased to meet you.

- Written by Julia P. (Pacific Dream Photography at The Grand Hyatt Kauai)