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Photographer Tips || Wedding Photography


Photographer Tips || Wedding Photography

We recently had the privilege to photograph a Hawaii destination wedding for a sweet couple. As great as the finished product may look, wedding photography is no easy task. It is always the perfect balance of how to make a wedding look nice with hurdles and obstacles being thrown your way. The lighting can be challenging, the better photo spots can be unavailable and you could be pressed for time. 

Think about your most challenging obstacles with Wedding Photography. What can stand in your way from producing quality work and delivering a positive experience for your client? Will it prohibit you from doing good work? Will you find ways to overcome it or will you fold under the pressure and deliver mediocre photography. You will overcome it! Because some of the unavoidable challenges that await wedding photographers such as time, lighting and location after reading this post you can be better prepared.

1. Time.

Wedding timeline! We can’t stress it enough. A wedding timeline will keep the day rolling smooth and easy. We always provide clients with a sample timeline letting them know the typical photo times of a wedding and how long each of them will take.

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2. Lighting. 

Lighting is one of those factors you can't control. Ceremony sites can be half in the sun and half in the shade. The shade can give your images a flat look or create a blue tint, lighting at a reception can be dim which means you need to use a flash, and the list goes on.

Knowing how to overcome these setbacks will make you a better wedding photographer. For example: if your getting ready space is cluttered learn how to crop and use the mirrors available in the room.

3. Location. 

Lucky for us, Pacific Dream Photography has a multitude of beautiful beachfront Wedding venues which we highly recommend to all future bride and grooms. Choosing a beautiful venue for your big day is key.

-written by Brent S. (Pacific Dream Photography at The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel)