At Pacific Dream Photography, it is our job is to share the world around us. We see things from an artistic perspective. Of course, the beautiful backdrops of Hawaii give our photographs an extra advantage. Here are five simple tips that will take your upcoming photo shoot to another level and give your photos an extra advantage.

1. Be Ready

Remember the time you nearly missed the most important moment of the wedding, the kiss? Maybe your camera was turned off or your settings were wrong. These types of moments come and go very quickly. It is more than important to constantly adjust the settings on your camera, frequently checking the exposure. Nothing is worst than missing the most important moments. After all, those are the most cherished ones.

2. Holding the Camera Properly

This tip is crucial to better capturing what you see. Here at Pacific Dream Photography, we take note on everything that is going on around us. We are always prepared to capture life’s special moments. Holding the camera properly makes a huge difference while shooting. Of course, each photographer has his or her own unique shooting style. By holding the camera upright at shoulder level, it prepares the photographer to get the shot. By holding the camera upright, you are bound to get the perfect candid photos.

3.  Creativity

Don’t be afraid to use your creativity. This will set your photos apart from others, and make them unique.  Keep an eye on the colors, quality of light, and composition of the photo. Creative photographers come up with fresh new perspectives and ideas.

4. Use Your Eye

The human eye has a better dynamic range than the camera. Portraying your inner vision through the camera is more challenging than it looks. It is important to properly expose an image. By properly exposing the most important portion of the image, the photo will be more appear more accurate to what your physical eye observed.

5. Be Present

Being present will allow you to capture natural images.  After all, isn’t this the goal? Make eye contact and engage with your subjects. The more comfortable you are the more comfortable they are. Have fun, laugh, and get to know your subjects.

As professional photographers in Hawaii, we take heart in capturing memories that will last forever.  Ultimately, it is our goal to make sure our subjects have an amazing time!

Written by Julia P. (Pacific Dream Photography at Grand Hyatt Resort)