"Candid" in the photography sense, describes an informal photo, taken without the subject’s knowledge. "Candid", however can also be used more generally to describe something that is both truthful and straightforward. It’s use in photography is often understated and draws on both definitions. 

A recent portrait session at the beautiful Montage, Laguna Beach in Southern California, perfectly captured the essence of great candid photography. Candids require a keen attention to detail and the ability to always be present in the moment.  A family holding hands, a loved one running on the beach and even sand covered feet, were all brief moments captured during the family's sunset experience session

Originally the family was planning on a more traditional, portrait family photo session. What they didn't realize was that their photographer was actually capturing both styles of photography. She was clicking away at the family poses, but in between, she was also capturing those brief moments when the family was relaxed and simply enjoying their time together.

Ultimately the photographer was utilizing her mastery of candid photography alongside her planned portraiture. We were able to surprise the client with both beautiful and detailed moments from their family vacation at the Montage, Laguna Beach. 

- Pacific Dream Photography at the Montage, Laguna Beach