Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party that includes traditional music and dance, entertainment, and the best of local cuisine. It’s a festival of joy and fun and the entire community is invited. The tradition goes back to the beginning of the XIXth century, when King Kamehameha II changed the ancient Hawaiian way of men and women eating separately. The result was a huge party and a custom that shows the true spirit of Aloha.

Today, luau is similar with party. You can find it on all islands, in small communities and luxury resorts. It’s a way of preserving Hawaiian traditions and allows you to embrace the local hospitality and joy of living.

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Luau entertainment

Taking part in a luau is a feast of Hawaiian treasures. You can listen to traditional music played at ukulele and drums. You can also admire the famous hula dance. Luau can take a lot of forms as it can be thematic and dedicated to a specific tradition. But they all have in common the warm spirit and the relax atmosphere. Even if you’ve never danced before, wearing a necklace of flowers and hearing the Hawaiian rhythms will convince you to try a few steps.

Luau is a great occasion to emerge into Hawaiian culture and understand their history and beliefs. Fire knife dance is a Samoan tradition, passed down from generation to generation. It was initially used before battles, as a way of preparation. You’ll hardly find a luau without fire dancers and moments full of adrenaline. Luau entertainment also includes fireworks.

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Luau food

If you’re curious about Hawaiian cuisine, luau is the best place to experience its flavors. Whether it’s a beach luau or an indoor luau, you’ll get to try traditional foods such as Kalua pig, Hawaiian sweet bread, Laulau, and the famous Hawaiian sweets, Haupia and Kulolo. All dishes are made with local ingredients and bring together the best of this blessed place.

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Hawaii is famous for its rich landscape and serene atmosphere, its friendly people and its warm spirit. It’s the right place to experience a paradisiacal way of life, embrace nature, and love. After all, an old Hawaiian proverb says: Kahuna Nui Hale Kealohalani Makua. (Love all you see, including yourself.)