A holiday in Hawaii is never just a holiday. It’s the beginning of a new way to see and understand nature and life and the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the islands and the ocean. It becomes a journey and when you share it with the one you love, your Hawaiian experience will never be forgotten. As a result, you return to Hawaii whenever you can. Just like Hessa and Faisal did.

The honeymoon

Chosen in the last minute, their honeymoon destination took them by surprise. The amazing Kauai Island, with its tropical forests and dramatic landscape, was so much different from their usual city life. Their holiday became a mix of adventure, relaxation, romantic atmosphere, and discovery of each other.

Hessa and Faisal discovered they like to hike, be close to nature, and be adventurous. So they booked a sunrise photo session at Ship Wreck Beach in Poipu! That first sunrise on a Hawaiian beach was the beginning of their new life together.

Since then all our photoshoots remind us of the love, beauty, and fun from that day. It was so intimate and natural we took the entire package with the video and I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw the video! It is exactly what I wanted for a honeymoon shoot.

Pacific Dream Photography - couple photo Poipu 01.jpg

The first anniversary

Hawaii has a special charm that makes you come back again, and again… So they returned to Kauai for a new holiday. This time they explored the North shore and decided for a photo session at St. Regis.

Hawaii is our go to place to unwind from city life and relax and connect with beautiful Planet Earth. Especially Kauai, we feel we have a very strong connection with the land.

This time they knew what to expect, so they were “team sunrise” without hesitations. They also knew more about each other and were even happier than in their honeymoon. Documenting life in pictures is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. You can see happiness glowing brighter than sunrise and you can feel emotions coming to you like the waves.

Pacific Dream Photography - couple photo Kauai 01.jpg

Coming back to Hawaii

Hessa and Faisal had a third holiday in Hawaii and probably it isn’t going to be the last. They are definitely in love with the islands. The third time they chose Maui for a more mature and sophisticated holiday. Photo sessions became part of their experience and growth. They are different each time they meet the camera. And they have more fun than ever!

It’s both a beautiful and fun experience and documenting a special part of our trip. Otherwise I would never have any pictures :)

Pacific Dream Photography - portrait photo Maui.jpg

Their Hawaiian journey is continuing as they have many more things to discover and understand. Their three year old daughter, Ghaliya, didn’t meet the islands yet. And what a great photo session would be when she’ll meet them!

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