A vacation in Hawaii is an amazing experience for the entire family. From exotic beaches and turquoise waters to coffee farms and historic places, Hawaii offers memories for a lifetime. And when you record them with a professional photo session you are safe to share them with your friends and family.

Why a Wailea photographer is a good idea for your family photos

Family photos require a trustworthy photographer. You need to feel comfortable, have fun, and look great in the same time. And that’s not easy even with the great landscape of Kona or Wailea beaches behind you. A good photographer knows flattering angles, how to choose the best light, where the best locations are, and how to involve your family in fun activities. Not only you’ll forget about the camera but you’ll discover the most beautiful places of Hawaii.

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The best time of the day for Big Island beach photography

In Hawaii you’re allowed to dream big. Every place has its own perfect moment. For example, the incredible scenery of the Big Island has its top moment at sunset. Plan a family photo session during the last hour before the sunset. The golden light is great for portraits as it makes your skin look tanned and smooth. Add an outstanding background with colorful sky and glowing water and you’ll have the best family photos ever.

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Emerge into the landscape of Hawaii

The Big Island has eight different climate zones and ecosystems. It has colored-sand beaches and rainforests. Include the landscape into your family portraits. Wear its colors, feel its textures, and allow yourself to embrace the nature.

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Be yourself and have fun

Family photos are about you. The secret behind a professional photo session is to make the photographer understand your feelings and family connections. Be playful or loving, observing or caring, be exactly how you’re when the camera isn’t there. Some people like sports or jumping around, others like making faces or playing in the sand. You can bring your snorkeling gear or tools for playing with sand. There is only one rule: enjoy your adventure on a sunny beach in Hawaii!

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