Wow, It’s already summer break! The kids are out of school, time for relaxation and quality time with family and friends on a tropical beach somewhere. After all, what better way is there to spend your summer vacation than on a beach in Hawaii? Even more importantly, what better way to remember your summer vacation than a Hawaii family photo session? Here at Pacific Dream Photography, it is our pleasure to be able to capture your families’ long awaited vacation. 

To ensure beautiful lighting during your beach photography session, we recommend scheduling in the early morning or late afternoon. Your lighting plays a bigger role than how bright or dark a photo is, but rather it is the key to color, mood, and the overall feeling of your collection. Take a peek at these shoots from our St. Regis location in Princeville. Although all of the shoots are in the same location, they all look completely different due to being captured at different times of the day.

Pacific Dream Photography - Hawaii Photographer - Portrait Photographer - Family Photographer

So what is the best time of day? Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset shoots are most popular, however, what some people don’t realize is that sunrise sessions result in beautiful dreamy images as well! But wait, it’s summer and summer is for sleeping in late. Isn’t that what summer is all about? Not exactly, waking up to the golden sun rising among the gentle blue ocean is one of the best ways to start your day and why not capture it on camera. During your 45-minute Hawaii photo session, we are able to take stunning images of your family among a variety of rich colors melting together.

Pacific Dream Photography - Hawaii Photographer - Portrait Photographer - Family Photographer-2

As professional photographers, we refer to the best lighting of the day as the “golden hour ." The “golden hour” is a critical key element to the perfect photo session. During this time the sun produces a soft light, which is much more flattering than the harsh mid-day sun. This is one of our “secret ingredients” to capturing beautiful photographs.

Taking advantage of this lighting at the beginning of the day comes with many added benefits. To name one, there are generally fewer people outside at sunrise. This results in a peaceful, intimate portrait session. If you are having trouble convincing your significant others to wake up early, just take a look at some of our previous sunrise sessions. From there, it shouldn’t take much more convincing. Of course, whatever time you decide will result in captivating photos to cherish forever, but if you’re up for that morning glow you won’t regret it.

Written By Julia P. (Pacific Dream Photography at the Grand Hyatt Kauai)