California has been romanticized for decades. The state itself has such a vast variety of landscapes including the gorgeous beaches, miles of dessert, looming mountain ranges, and bright cities.

People from all over come here to visit and see what it has to offer. Being a photographer in Laguna Beach, I see people doing “staycations” all the time! Even if they live in a nearby city, they still come to this small beach city to spend their time.

At Montage Laguna Beach, it is so easy to completely lose track of time and spend your day at the beach, spa, or going on a stroll through their beautiful pathways lined with stunning flowers and greenery.

There is no better place to take photos of our guests then right here on the property. We don’t have to go far to capture the essence that this resort has to offer.

Written by Savannah S. (Pacific Dream Photography at Montage Laguna Beach)