Many of the people who visit the Islands of Hawaii are first timers. Many are celebrating something special, and some just finally made the time to take the long vacation out. When most first experience Hawaii, its almost like experiencing a different country with a culture, traditions, and even a language that is completely foreign. Steve and Elen were first timers to Hawaii, and they dove right in. 

Visiting Hawaii Photography

Steve and Elen searched out the local cuisine, drove through the beauty of the aina, and even went to a luau to experience the culture of the Hawaiian Islands. Visiting us from Connecticut, and leaving their 6 boys behind, I can imagine that these two felt a renewed sense of youth and wonder exploring our island of Oahu. No doubt, a Hawaii beach photo session would allow them to continue to experience it for years to come.

Elen and Steve were guests at the Kahala Hotel & Resort on the south shore of Oahu. Lucky for them, it is one of the most beautiful sites on the island for a couples photography session. We spent a short half hour session with them walking the white sand beaches, and capturing their radiating love.

Visiting Hawaii Photography Destination

Its easy to fall in love with the island and not take the time to capture your Hawaii memories. In our experience, vacation passes way too quickly, so why not hire a vacation photographer to help you remember your visit and live it over and over in years to come. One thing I do know to be true, once you visit Hawaii for the first time, you will forever have an itch to come back. 

- Written by Julia J. (Pacific Dream Photography at The Kahala Resort)