What would you do if you received your much anticipated wedding photos, while on your honeymoon at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, only to find that they are a complete disaster?! Well, Brian and Morgan immediately sought out Pacific Dream Photography to “re-create” their mainland wedding images. We jumped at the opportunity to capture beautiful moments of the newlyweds on Kauai. 

Morgan, the “bride”, made an appointment to get her hair and makeup done at the Anara Spa and found a perfect beach appropriate white dress. Their photographer Elena, who happens to be our primary wedding photographer here on Kauai, met the couple for their sunset experience photo session and could instantly feel their excitement! With the beautiful grounds of the Grand Hyatt and Shipwrecks Beach as backdrops, and the natural chemistry the couple shared in front of the camera, we knew they would not be disappointed. 

The viewing came the following afternoon and from the first glance, the honeymooners were ecstatic! Every photography session that we have the privilege of shooting here in Kauai is special, but being able to give this couple the wedding pictures of their dreams was really amazing. Congratulations again Brian and Morgan! Thank you for allowing Pacific Dream to “re-create” your wedding day. It was truly an honor! 

If you ever find yourself in a similar position as Brian and Morgan, where you just need a “re-do”, we would love to be the solution. Or if you need an excuse to get dressed up and have your picture taken in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, we would love to be a part of your vacation or special event!

-written by Alyssa (Pacific Dream Photography at Grand Hyatt, Kauai)