We know we aren't always around to take fabulous photos of you and your loved ones, but we can offer our clients some tips to take more flattering photos of themselves on vacation. 

1.     Shoot from a high angle: Avoid double chins! Make sure to shoot from slightly above eye-level for the best shots.

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2.     Get that good lighting! The “Golden Hour” is the time period 30 minutes before sunset until the sun sets that offers the best lighting for photography. Get out there and find that setting sun!

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3.     Don’t overthink it: You’re beautiful just the way you are! Just act natural and take a picture; it’s as simple as that!

4.     Get a selfie stick: Alright, I said it…getting a selfie stick might not be the worst thing in the world. They’re actually really helpful for getting some cool shots and they definitely help with getting a high angle! A few years ago, they were a quick way to getting laughed at, but selfie sticks are now popular worldwide. Some even have cool features like Bluetooth wireless capability!

5.     Attach a lens: That’s right, iPhone’s now have detachable lenses that you can buy! WHAT?! They can help you add a cool fisheye effect to your selfies. What could be better than that?

Written by James Hoot (Pacific Dream Photography at the Montage Laguna Beach)